The Five Star Hotels Near the Tama Iia, Hawaii Bingo Casino Hotel

Anyone that visits Hawaii knows that The 305th Street Tama Iia Casino Hotel is a sight to behold. For years, the hotel has been featuring numerous unique products and amenities to delight its customers.

Bingo in the Plaza is now part of the offering for every customer. It features a wide variety of floor games including the Ace of Hearts, 6-card draw, 2-ball draw, 2-down poker, Kona Poker, Hold ’em, High Card and Chicken. After the game is complete, customers can play on the slot machines. Of course, there are also the popular drinks and appetizers offered to customers.

Even the main floor of the hotel features bingo. People can take pleasure in playing the popular game that can be played on both tables and computer tables. The machine option allows customers to choose from the number of hands that they would like to play. The choices are five hands, seven hands and ten hands.

The meals at the hotel are exquisite, and room service is available each and every day of the week. There are five dining rooms, each featuring a classic American menu and most rooms feature a full bar.

In addition to a full breakfast and dinner, guests can also enjoy room service each and every night. The Bingo Lounge offers nightly specials and there is a daily special available each day. It offers everything from doughnuts to ice cream, snacks to steaks, burgers to pasta, and even gourmet coffees.

Meskwaki is one of the popular games in the gambling arena. The casino boasts one of the largest numbers of machines in the entire country. Guests can choose from the 3 draw machines, the Blackjack, Roulette, Texas Hold’em, Slot Machines, Pai Gow and Slots. These machines provide an exciting game of chance that is always exciting.

Entertainment is also provided for guests that have chosen to partake in the full service at the hotel. The place features DJ’s that play music from a variety of genres to all customers and even those that choose to bring their own mp3 player.

There is even a Meskwaki Rummy machine available for players that enjoy this type of game. Guests that wish to enjoy the game can do so by playing these machines on the west side of the hotel.